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When putting together your to do list for your out of state move, don’t forget to plan for how you’re going to move your car. While the easiest way to move a car to another state is to just drive it there yourself, it gets a bit complicated when you’re the one who will be driving the moving truck or if you have more than one vehicle you’re taking with you.

Drive my car to another state.
He is asking what exactly you need when you fly into another state to buy a car and drive it home. And although I feel like I’ve possibly answered this question in an earlier edition of Ask Doug, it’s nonetheless one that I get rather often. So today, I’m going to provide a long, comprehensive answer, and then you all will tell me how.
Once you have chosen a car shipping company and method of how to ship your car from one state to another, you will need to prepare your vehicle. Unlike many things that you ship through the post office, FedEx, or UPS — most of which require little to no prep — your car will require you to go the extra mile so it can do the same.
If you buy a car from a neighboring state, it’s easy enough to drive it back home. If the purchase is across the country, however, shipping the car to you may negate any potential savings you earn.

Another good reason to buy a car out of state is if you have your heart set on a specific make and model. If the car you want is difficult to find or you have found it at a significantly cheaper.
Preparations to Drive Home. The primary concerns in driving a recently-purchased vehicle home from another state are being able to insure the vehicle and getting the necessary paperwork to legally drive the car until it is registered in the owner’s state. The best way to address these concerns depends on state law, and whether the seller is an auto dealer or a private party.
I have a vehicle with MP registration and caught multiple times while driving in Tamil Nadu. I checked in local RTO and my father checked in MP’s RTO, I could not get a clear answer as both of them ask you get a NCO from the other RTO. Fine for dr…

Your car insurance policy will cover you for temporary trips out of state, but for long-term stays, you may need to update your policy to match your new residence. You can’t live in one state and buy car insurance in another. In general, your car insurance should correspond with your state of residency—where you actually live.
Can someone else drive my car? Discover what happens if someone else drives your car and gets into an accident. There are times in life when we need to let someone borrow our car, but we hesitate allowing them to use it because we don’t know if we can, or if we should.
Can you drive a rental car out of state? Yes, most Budget rental locations allow you to take a rental car to another state. However, you’ll want to check your location’s border-crossing rules before doing so. Some Budget locations have unique regulations regarding out-of-state travel.

Car Registered in One State But Used in Another . Let’s say you buy a car for use by a family member, perhaps for a son or daughter who is in college in another state. Or, your job requires you to work in another state for several months.
A discussion on Driving One state Registered Car in another State in India by Bhuvan Khazanchi – Check out 26 posts on this thread.
How to Transport Your Car to Another State. Whether you have just bought a new car from across state lines, or you’re moving and need a hand getting your car there, you have a couple of options. You can either drive it there, or ship it with a professional car shipping company.

Noteworthy Exceptions When Insuring Your Car In A Different State. In general, your car cannot be registered in one state and insured in another, but there are some exceptions to that rule.
Can I Drive My Friend’s Car if I have Insurance? Similar to the scenarios above, if you drive your friend’s car and get into an accident that was your fault, it most likely will be their auto insurance coverage that will be affected. Remember, even if you have better insurance than them, the insurance usually follows the car.
Moving to another state is hard work even without having to worry about how to move your car from one state to another. Your personal moving out of state checklist must be overflowing with important and urgent tasks you should complete by the time your interstate movers arrive on the day of the move.. In case you’re moving to a neighboring state and you only have one personal vehicle, then.

The Maine DMV, for example, will issue a transit plate that allows you to drive the purchased car back to Maine from another state. That sounds simple enough until you learn that the state from which you’re buying the vehicle may have its own rules, requiring you to visit one of its DMV branches to get one of its transit plates.
Hire Someone to Drive Your Car To Another State. Listen to This Post. If you’re looking for a professional to drive your car for you, this is known as a “Driveaway” service. It is the hiring an individual or company that specializes in driving cars from one location to another, sometimes thousands of miles..
Moving out of state, and car is under parents’ names. Ask Question. 3. So I’m currently living in New York, but will be relocating to Atlanta next month for a job. I will be taking the car my parents bought me; it is titled under their names, as is the insurance.. since the title is under your parents’ name, that is another story. They.

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